Universal Gateway

Universal Gateway
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WP-G-221-P1 $650
WP-G-221-P2 $850
WP-G-241-P1 $950
WP-G-241-P2 $1,150
WP-G-UPG-P2 $299

Product Description

The Universal Industrial Gateway can speak up to 12 protocols simultaneously, talk to multi-devices at once, move thousands of tags into 1 box, and bridges communication gaps between devices, Ethernet and/or serial. Includes: Modbus, PPI, DirectNET, CCM, HostLink, EtherNet/IP, S7comm & DF1 protocols (Master only).

No Programming Software
No I/O Tree Changes
No Ladder Logic to Program

Single Solution - Twelve protocols, five ports, one box.
Ethernet - Supports multiple protocols simultaneously, not just one-to-one. 
More Serial Ports - Four isolated ports, each configurable to any available protocol. 
Communications - Transfer data to and from any port, in any combination.
Insanely Cost Competitive - The functionality of multiple gateways for the price of one.
Browser-based Configuration - No programming software to buy or install.
Super Easy to Set Up - No I/O tree changes required. No Ladder Logic to program.

Gateway Demo

Gateway Protocols

Gateway Matrix

The more protocols and ports you use, the more money you save.

Use Case Savings Examples:

  • The Universal Industrial Gateway is cost competitive against any one-to-one protocol gateway and it provides more standard ports so you can connect more devices.
  • The Universal Industrial Gateway supports 9 protocols (the equivalent of 10 one-to-one protocol gateway devices). The more protocols you need bridged, the more money you save. 
  • The Universal Industrial Gateway features 2 or 4 serial ports that operate simultaneously. This allows you to connect multiple devices with a single gateway. Additionally, each port can be configured with a different protocol.
  • The Universal Industrial Gateway features a single Ethernet port that supports multiple protocols, simultaneously. This allows you to connect multiple devices with a single gateway.
  • The Universal Industrial Gateway supports data transfers to and from any port, in any combination (Ethernet to Ethernet, Ethernet to Serial, Serial to Serial).

Whether you are modernizing networks, connecting legacy devices or integrating new machines, owning the Universal Industrial Gateway provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for every system integrator.

Currently supported Industrial Protocols (Master Only):

1. EtherNet/IP
2. EtherNet/IP-PCCC
3. Modbus TCP
4. Modbus RTU
5. Modbus ASCII
7. DF1-CIP
8. PPI
9. S7comm (ISOTCP)
10. DirectNET
11. CCM
12. HostLink

Field Upgradeable: More protocols and features coming!

  • Intuitive navigation – Consistent configuration for all protocol conversions
  • Context-sensitive Help – Fully searchable with images and step-by-step instructions, only one click away
  • Field upgradable – Ability to add protocols (via firmware upgrade)
Catalog Number: Product Family: WebPort® Solutions
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