WebPort® 3G + Ethernet

WP-R-3G-SW-I (Cellular)
Remote Access 3G
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WP-R-3G-SW-I (Cellular) $1,325
WP40910 (Optional Antenna) $80.00

Product Description

AT&T will likely prohibit the activation of NEW 3G service beginning December 31, 2018. Please click here for further details, including WebPort 4G Availability. 3G for WebPort continues to be supported by T-Mobile. 

WebPort® is a secure, Remote Access VPN gateway that allows you to interact with your industrial control system using native programming tools over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). WebPort is easy to deploy and provides a cost-effective, yet powerful and secure method for accessing your industrial control systems and machines from the comfort of your easy chair.

WebPort’s extended functionality combined with Connects (complimentary secure cloud service) includes powerful tools that complement remote access. These features include: reporting, alarming, data logging, and data visualization capabilities.

WebPort includes: two RS232/485 isolated serial ports, One 3G Cellular Radio, One 10/100 WAN Ethernet Port and 4 10/100 Switch ports. On top of WebPort’s built-in security the WAN port can be powered down using the built-in inhibit pin, which cannot be overridden by the unit's software.  

  • Secure Remote Access using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Alarm & Event Notification via email, SMS or FTP
  • Data Logging and Reporting
Catalog Number: WP-R-3G-SW-I (Cellular) Product Family: WebPort® Solutions
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