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Universal Industrial Gateway

12 Protocols

All in One Universal Gateway
12 Protocols

Easy Way to Gateway

No Programming Software
No I/O Tree Changes
No Ladder Logic to Program

What Customers Are Saying:
"Exceptionally Easy and Friendly Interface"
"Fully Setup in 1-Hour and Moving Over 1,500 Tags!"
"A Flexible Solution for Our Factory Upgrades"

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Fiberglass Plant Upgrades with Gateway

Starting at $650


Single Solution: 12 protocols, 5 ports, 1 box.
Ethernet: Supports multiple protocols simultaneously, not just one-to-one. 
More Serial Ports: 4 isolated ports, each configurable to any available protocol. 

Communications: Transfer data to and from any port, in any combination.
Insanely Cost Competitive: The functionality of multiple gateways for the price of one.
Browser-based Configuration: No programming software to buy or install.
Super Easy to Set Up: No I/O tree changes required. No Ladder Logic to program.

Current Protocol List:

1. EtherNet/IP
2. EtherNet/IP-PCCC
3. Modbus TCP
4. Modbus RTU
5. Modbus ASCII
7. DF1-CIP
8. PPI
9. S7comm (ISOTCP)
10. HostLink
11. CCM
12. DirectNET
Field Upgradeable: More protocols/features coming