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    Fiberglass Manufacturing Upgrades
    Universal Gateway
    Simple Solution for Plant Upgrades

Modbus TCP to EtherNet/IP using the Universal Industrial Gateway

Gateway Fiberglass Manufacturing Upgrades

Challenge: Interfacing a Bailey® INFI90® DCS to a Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® as part of a major plant upgrade with multiple stages.

Solution: Install a Universal Industrial Gateway to move 1,500+ points of Modbus TCP to EtherNet/IP. Bonus: Built in support for additional protocols in later stages.

Result: Thanks to an “exceptionally easy and friendly HTML interface,” the Universal Industrial Gateway was up and running in 1-hour with no ladder code to program and no I/O tree changes.

Summary: A large fiberglass manufacturing plant was undergoing a major plant upgrade over a 12-month period. The equipment on site ranged from a Bailey® DCS, CitectSCADA®, a Rockwell Automation suite of controllers (PLC5, SLC500, ML1400, CompactLogix and ControlLogix), as well as drives and instrumentation. The customer’s immediate need was to interface the Bailey® INFI90® DCS (Modbus TCP) to Rockwell Automation’s® ControlLogix® (EtherNet/IP).

The customer selected the Universal Industrial Gateway for its “very simple set up” and “exceptionally easy and friendly HTML interface.” In 1-hour, the customer had the device up and running, moving 1,500+ points of Modbus TCP to EtherNet/IP. Another “major selling point” and “big bonus” for the customer, was that the Universal Industrial Gateway did not require any ladder code to program or changes to the I/O tree. Although the customer’s immediate need was support for Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP during the initial stage of the project, they purchased the WP-G-221-P2 model for its extended protocol support, noting “lots of bang for [the] buck on this product” with the flexibility to meet future needs.

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