• The Matrix Begins
    Automation Fair At Home 2020
    The Matrix Begins
    Join us at Automation Fair at Home and get your picture taken in the Matrix.
  • Spectrum Controls
    We’re Open & Here to Support You
    Spectrum Controls
    We are open for business per Federal and State guidelines that designate Spectrum Controls as a critical infrastructure business.
  • Product Catalog
    Spectrum Controls
    Product Catalog
    Enhancing Industrial Automation Control Systems
  • Universal Gateway
    Your Gateway to the Connected Enterprise
    Universal Gateway
    Any Protocol to Any Protocol, Any Port to Any Port, Simultaneously!
  • Trusted Solutions
    Industrial Automation
    Trusted Solutions
    Driven to deliver the products and services our customers really want since 1983.
  • Universal I/O
    Universal I/O
    Available on 9 Platforms
    Universal I/O
    Mix and match analog input types on virtually every major Rockwell Automation PLC system.
  • Power Monitoring
    ControlLogix® 1756-RMS-SC
    Power Monitoring
    Extend the life of your critical components within your manufacturing processes.
  • Analog + HART I/O
    Analog + HART Modules
    Analog + HART Modules
    Compact I/O™ & POINT I/O™
    Analog + HART I/O
    Get more meaningful data from your automation system with Analog + HART I/O.
Who We are

Who We are

Collaborative Innovation.

We are focused on delivering new and innovative solutions to the industrial controls marketplace.

Our Mission

Product Leadership.

Our mission is simple. We​ deliver the products our customers ​want.

What we Do

What We Do

Trusted Partner.

As one of the first Encompass partners, we create Rockwell Automation compatible I/O, industrial displays and IIoT devices.

Universal Industrial Gateway Webinar

Learn how easy multi-protocol communication can be Watch Now