8 Isolated AC/DC Inputs (100/120V)


Product Description

The 1746sc-IA8I Module features 8 isolated-circuit inputs, each with its own common. The module is designed for use with a wide range of input devices, including limit switches, float sensors, selector switches, push buttons, and proximity switches (photo-sensors). The 1746sc-IA8I supports monitoring relay or motor starter outputs directly. This module comes with 24/7 TechConnect support from Rockwell Automation.

  • Provides one common per input and 1500 V input-to-input isolation to improve overall system integrity and to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Separate commons allow input types to be mixed, like a relay contact module.
  • May be used in applications requiring from 80 to 150 VAC or 85 to 170 VDC discrete input, sinking, or sourcing.
Catalog Number: 1746sc-IA8I Product Family: 1746 SLC™ 500
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